“Noodles form an essential part of the Japanese diet and provide a base for various meals.” – Washoku Explorer

There are a variety of different noodle types, made with different ingredients and use different toppings.

I am going to list a few of the most well-known Japanese noodle types, what they’re made of and what topping are used.

RAMEN: Made with wheat noodles in a delicious stock. Ramen stock can be meat or fish based or shoyu (soy sauce), miso or shio (salt) flavored. Every region in Japan has it’s own style (For more information check out the Ramen subpage).



UDON: Made with thick, chewy wheat noodles in light broth. There are many variations of udon and can be eaten both hot and cold. The most common style of udon is kake udon. Kake udon is served in hot shoyu broth, and topped with green onions, fish cake and sometime tenkasu (crunchy part of tempura).

SOBA: Made with buckwheat noodles. Soba can also be eaten both hot and cold. It is traditionally served cold with cold shoyu based broth on the side for dipping.



SOMEN: Made with wheat noodles and is usually served cold. It often served plain with ice and light shoyu based broth.