Japan is a culture that thrives off of traditional values.

For each holiday and event, there are specific traditions that most all Japanese people follow annually.

For each of these holiday’s and events, there are traditional foods and drinks that Japanese people eat and drink.

This page is an introduction to the food that is sold at those traditional festivals that take place throughout the year all over Japan.

The word festival in Japanese is “matsuri”. There are over 300,000 matsuri’s every year.

A matsuri is normally organized by the local community and sponsored by the local shrine or temple.

Some of the most popular festival foods are:

  1. Yakisoba
  2. Yakitori
  3. Wataame
  4. Takoyaki
  5. Choco Banana
  6. Karaage
  7. Jaga Butta
  8. Taiyaki
  9. Dango
  10. Ringo Ame
  11. Hotate Buta yaki
  12. Kakigori
  13. Ikayaki