Namja Town: Gyoza Stadium

Inside Ikebukuro Sunshine City there is an indoor theme park called Namja Town. Namja Town is made up of three distinct towns. These include the Dokkingham Plaza, a westerns-style town where you can play games, Gyoza Stadium and Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho, where you can eat a variety of gyoza in a Showa period style traditional Japan setting and enjoy a variety of sweets, and Mononoke’s Unnumbered Plot, where you can play in a haunted area.

I want to focus on the Gyoza Stadium. There are dark alleys and rooms playing black and white TV in a traditional Japan setting. There are about a dozen gyoza shops from around Japan with over 100 different styles of gyoza. The portion sizes are small, so you are able to walk through and try many of the different and unique gyoza styles.




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