Takayama: Mitarashi Dango

My grandparents live Gifu, Takayama, Japan.

The kanji for Takayama is 高山.

高=Taka, translates to, in this instance, “tall”.  山= Yama, translates to “mountain.” Meaning that my grandparents live on a tall mountain. Whenever I visit them, I always have to eat my favorite snack.

Gifu, Takayama
http://bit.ly/2pDO6NV (C) 2017

That snack is Mitarashi Dango. They are sold in a little booth outside of stores and on the side of people’s homes.

They are different than the Mitarashi Dango that originated in Kyoto. Kyoto-fu Mitarashi Dango is covered in a sweet soy sauce glaze, while the Dango sold in Takayama are savory.

Mitarashi Dango is balls of rice flour that have a chewy mochi-like texture. It is balls of kneaded rice flour on a bamboo skewer.  The balls are basted with soy sauce while cooking and scorched until they are ‘fox red’.



2 thoughts on “Takayama: Mitarashi Dango

    • I enjoyed reading your post about Sanno Matsuri! I live in the US now, so I really miss the taste and smell of Dango. When I was younger Dango would be sold outside of the super markets and my grandparents would always buy me one or two sticks of Dango as a treat.

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