When winter approaches an all-time favorite meal and snack is Oden.  They typically appear in convenient stores and are sold on carts throughout Japan starting in September. There are a variety of foods served in a light, shoyu broth. They are displayed in sections and customers are able to pick and choose the ones they would like to buy. (See photo below)

Oden is warm and tasty. There are a variety of foods that come with oden. The soup warms you up, making a perfect winter time meal or snack. Oden consists of a variety of ingredients such as boiled eggs, fish cakes, konnyaku (konjak), daikon, and deep fried tofu. Mustard (Karashi) and Red pepper flakes (Shichimi) is often used as a condiment.

Click the link below to be introduced to a “handful of typical oden ingredients.” This post will teach you the names and some information of some popular oden favorites.

A diner’s guide to oden: Japan’s weird-looking, super-popular winter dish



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