Family Fun: Temaki Sushi

Temaki sushi is hand rolled sushi. You make it yourself!

All the ingredients are put out on plates in front of you. You get to mix and match your own favorite topping and ingredients.

First, you grab a square sized piece of nori (seaweed), add some rice, and then add your toppings.

According to Just One Cookbook, “The best part (for me as a cook) is that this is a meal where everyone helps themselves.  You just need to prepare sushi rice, nori (seaweed sheet) and fillings such as sashimi-grade fish, and serve.  At the table, each person makes own hand roll sushi based on their preference.”

Temaki sushi is fun to do with friends are family. It’s not tiring at all because everyone is making their cone-shaped rolls themselves. It’s fun, simple, and a way to gey creative with your food.


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