Sushi Zanmai

A great place to enjoy top-notch sushi is at Tsukiji Fish Market! Tsukiji Fish Market is largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. The restaurants in the area are blessed with the freshest of fish that are caught the same day. One of my favorites is Sushi Zanmai. They have menus in English for tourists as well. When my friends from California were visiting me in Japan I took them to Sushi Zanmai. They were cutting a huge tuna at the entrance of the restaurant. We walked around the market and found ourselves back at Sushi Zanmai. The tuna fish cutting had ended but they were serving free samples of their sake. It was a nice little treat before eating.

The interior of this restaurant is traditional and they have counter seats as well as tables. We sat at the counter. My favorite fish is maguro (tuna) so I ordered the maguro platter. The maguro platter has an assortment of tuna cuts and sushi styles.

Here is a picture of the maguro platter:

The toro (fatty tuna) melted in my mouth. I definitely recommend this restaurant and the maguro platter.



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