Abura Soba

The literal translation of Abura Soba is “Oil Noodles.”

It looks like ramen without the soup. It is thick noodles with oil and toppings. Some topping includes menma, soft boiled egg, pork, and onions.

According totaiken.co, “Abura Soba originated from the Kitatama district of Tokyo in the early 1950s. There are a few popular chains in the Kanto area that specialize in this type of noodles, and its popularity continues to grow.”

When eating Abura Soba, it’s best to mix the noodles in the oil before eating (All the oil is on the bottom). You can add spices and vinegar to enhance the flavor!

My favorite Abura Soba restaurant is Menchin.  The one that I used to go to is near Waseda station and is open until 2am!

Check it out:


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