Delicious, yet incredibly easy to make. Sukiyaki is one of my all time favorite Japanese dishes that I like to prepare with my friends. To put it simply, sukiyaki is basically meat and vegetables cooked is a pot of sweet soy sauce based broth.

I learned how to make this dish my Freshmen year of college when I had the opportunity to work and study with Japanese students from Kyushu. Here are some photos:



We went to Mitsuwa, a Japanese grocery store and bought thinly sliced, beef, carrots, shirataki noodles, tofu, enoki, cabbage, and green onions. I already had soy sauce, mirin, and sugar in my cupboard.

We washed and cut up the ingredients. Boiled water, soy sauce, mirin and added sugar, and then we put all the vegetables and beef in. We closed the lid and waited for it to simmer.

That’s it! That’s how you make Sukiyaki. Simple and delicious!


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